sobota, 6 lipca 2013

Humble eBook Bundle II

Humble Bundle jest serwisem sprzedającym pakiety gier komputerowych, muzyki a ostatnio również ebookow. Sami wybieramy ile chcemy zapłacić za dany pakiet. Płacić możemy poprzez PayPal, AmazonPayments, Google Wallet. Mamy możliwość wybrania również do kogo trafią nasze pieniądze. Opcje są trzy twórca produktu który kupujemy, serwis Humble Bundle albo organizacja charytatywna. Wybraną przez nas kwotę możemy dowolnie podzielic pośród te trzy opcje.  Zakupione książki możemy dodać do Google Play Books library, wysłać do Kindle lub Kindle reader. Ebooki dostajemy w trzech formatach .pdf, MOBI oraz EPUB.    
Możemy zapłacic każdą kwote od 1 centa w góre. Jesli zapłacimy wiećej niz wynosi średnia dostaniemy wszytsko co zawiera paczka. W przypadku najnowszej paczki z ksiązkami płacąc około 9,50$ dostaniemy dotakowo :

 Humble eBook Bundle II

The Last Unicorn: Deluxe Edition

Peter Beagle

The Last Unicorn: Deluxe Edition comes stuffed with a ton of extras: an introduction by the author, Peter Beagle, the sequel story "Two Hearts," an interview with Peter, and a complete bibliography of his works. This fantasy classic tells the tale of a unicorn who discovers she is the last unicorn in the world and sets out on a fairy-tale journey to uncover the fate of the rest of her kind.  


Just a Geek

Wil Wheaton

 In Just a Geek, actor and author Wil Wheaton shares a very honest recollection of his life. Wil shares the struggles with his acting career, the joys he found in writing, and the support he received from family and friends in this heartfelt memoir.


Płacąc poniżej średniej dostaniemy pozostałe ksiązki:

Little Brother

Cory Doctorow

High school hacker Marcus and his friends get caught up in a terrorist attack on San Francisco. After being arrested and released, they find the Department of Homeland Security is treating every citizen like a suspect, so they take it upon themselves to launch an attack on the DHS.
Little Brother won the 2009 White Pine Award, the 2009 Prometheus Award, and the 2009 John W. Campbell Memorial Award. It was also a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Cherie Priest

Inventor Leviticus Blue creates the Boneshaker, a drill that accidentally releases a horrific gas in Seattle, turning people into zombies and shutting down the city. Sixteen years later, Blue’s son, Ezekiel, escapes to Seattle to prove his father’s innocence and only his mother can bring him back. Uncover family secrets and trek through undead streets in the science fiction novel Boneshaker.
Boneshaker was nominated for the 2010 Hugo Award for Best Novel.


Robert Charles Wilson

Tyler, Jason, and Diane witness the stars disappear one night. What follows is a science fiction novel like no other. A "spin membrane" has been placed around Earth, distorting the natural ebb and flow of time. As the three children grow up with "The Spin," they come to deal with it in their own way.
Spin won the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Shards of Honor

Lois McMaster Bujold

Shards of Honor is the first novel in the Vorkosigan Saga. Survey commander Cordelia Naismith from Beta Colony has heard all about the Barrayarans - that they’re ruthless and soulless. But when she meets Captain Vorkosigan of Barrayar, her perception changes when she sees how honorably he behaves to her and her injured shipmate. In this science fiction love story, Cordelia must make the hard decision whether to stay loyal to her world or risk it all for a very different future.

                                     Humble eBook Bundle II